Women Republicans of Cleveland County

Calendar Year __________

Regular Membership/Renewal : $35.00 

Date submitted:________     Dues paid by : Ck#________ Cash _____ 

    Associate Membership : $20.00                    

Date submitted:_________    Dues paid by : Ck#________ Cash _____


Name: __________________________________________________             


E-mail: _________________________________________________

Phone: (H) _________________     (C) _____________________



Occupation: ____________________________________________


How did you hear about the Republican Women? Newspaper—Mailings— Facebook —

or a Club Member (please include name) _______________________________________

Regular Membership - shall be open to any woman who is a registered Cleveland County Republican and accepts and advocates the Objectives and Rules of this Organization.

Associate Membership - shall be open to Republican women who have primary membership in a federated local club upon payment of the required dues; Republican men are eligible for associate membership upon payment of the required dues to WeROCC.  Associate members cannot hold office, have a voice, or vote at any WeROCC meeting. They also cannot be counted for the purposes of determining the number of delegates to National or State federation meetings or conventions. Republican men who are associate members in WeROCC do not become members of the NCFRW or the NFRW.

Please return the application and dues to the Membership Chairwoman via mail or in person. 

You may also choose to take a photo of the application and send via email or text as alternate notification.

Mail: PO Box 3327 Shelby, NC 28151
Email: wallh75@gmail.com or Via Text: Text picture and send to 704-488-8299
Please make check payable to Women Republicans of Cleveland County.